about being part of a family

Tigger has been my favorite character since i can remember except i just had Disney records and a storybook to sign along with. This movie is a must-have for ANY Disney DVD! It is, in a word, ADORABLE! Made in the "old-syle" Winnie The Pooh, this new release does NOT disappoint! My husband and I found it incredibly entertaining; never boring, and of course, our five year old daughter is just crazy about it! In the movie, Bouncy Trouncy Tigger, tired of being the "only one" I guess, sets out to discover his "family tree." Tigger Movie is a story about belonging... about being part of a family. The message of this heartwarming film is that your family consists of those who love you as well as those who look like you. Everyone can belong, and the bonds of friendship are stronger than steel. In the end, though, he discovers who is REAL family is, and has been, all along. Very cute, very watchable, really funny at times, and just an all-around wonderful movie to own for the entire family! My opinion is, if you haven't seen the Tigger Movie yet, your family is REALLY missing out on a good Disney Movie! TTFN!